How to Fix TikTok Videos not Posting or Uploading

TikTok videos not posting

Are you looking for ways to fix your TikTok videos that are not posting or uploading? Well, you have come to the right place. TikTok has become one of the most trending apps in recent times.

Users all over the world are taking advantage to share their stories on TikTok. There are some users who depend on posting on TikTok.

Hence finding it difficult to fix TikTok videos not posting can be very worrisome. In this article, we will share with you ways you can go about fixing TikTok videos not uploading.

Reasons for TikTok Videos not Posting or Uploading

There are a couple of reasons why your TikTok videos are not uploading. the following are common problems and how to fix them.

Reason 1: Poor internet connection

Your TikTok videos might not be posting because of poor internet connectivity. TikTok as you already know accesses data from your local network to operate. When the connection between the TikTok server and your local network is not strong enough, trying to post TikTok videos might fail.

TikTok videos not posting

Reason 2: TikTok’s Servers are Down

Another reason why your TikTok videos are not uploading is probably that the TikTok server might be down or experiencing downtime. Now, just like any other website, TikTok is hosted on a server that provides its users with online time based on specified agreements.

Servers sometimes experience downtime, maintenance periods etc. so this even though in a few cases might be the reason why your TikTok videos are not posting.

Reason 3: Too Much Cached Data

TikTok posts might not be uploading because you might have a lot of cached data stored on your TikTok app. Cached data is a form of data that is stored by apps for optimized user experience.

Most Apps automatically save some pages, searches, and viewed posts among others to enable easy loading, fast explorations, searches and an overall great app experience on the app for future visits.

However, a lot of these cached data might lead to disturbing user experience among which videos not uploading cannot be left out. TikTok videos not posting might be rectified upon clearing your stacked cache data.

Reason 4: Your Account is having Issues with TikTok

Your TikTok videos are not posting because you might have issues with TikTok which might have cost you to be shadow-banned in other words, muted or restricted for the time being.

Another reason for this is that your video(s) violate(s) the TikTok community guidelines which basically contain all rules governing acceptable videos on TikTok.

Graphic violence, nudity, narcotics, hate speech, copyrighted music or video from outside the app, and false information are some examples of these violations.

Ways to Fix TikTok videos not Posting or Uploading

1. Check your internet connection or connect to a different network

One main reason why your TikTok videos are not updating is that you might have a poor internet connection. How can you check this? You can check your connectivity speed by opening or

TikTok videos not posting - check your internet speed

According to Verizon, the speed for a fast internet connection is 100 Mbps and above. Even though this is mostly not attained by the several networks we use, one must make sure that his or her internet connectivity is active and running.

Also changing your router or switching one network provider can help solve the problem. One can also purchase new data plans to rectify the problem

2. Check Whether TikTok is Down

You can check whether the TikTok server is down in your area by going to Down Detector to inquire whether the server is having issues in your area or the TikTok server is experiencing a downtime internationally (which is rare).

Upon finding out that the server is down, one can only wait till it comes back up and running in order to be able to post your video. If the information from Down Detector shows that there is no problem with the TikTok server pertaining to your area then you can try the other ways available here to fix the issue.

The following are steps to check for the activeness of the TikTok server on Down Detector on your phone.

TikTok videos not posting - check whether TikTok is down

Try the other fix methods upon seeing that the TikTok server is active or wait for a little before posting your TikTok video when the TikTok server is experiencing problems.

3. Clear cached data on TikTok

Another fix option available and most likely to solve the problem is for you to clear your stacked cached data from the app so that you can gain storage on the app to post your video. Follow the following steps to clear cached data from TikTok.

tiktok videos not posting 4
Step 2: Move to storage & cache.
TikTok videos not loading 5
Step 3: Press on clear cache and all the cached data will be cleared

Now you can go ahead and post your video on TikTok.

4. Contact TikTok for Help

If you try all the above procedures to rectify your TikTok videos not uploading or posting try contacting TikTok for support here.

Make sure you chat with an agent. Also, make sure you communicate all your grievances to him or her and they help you fix them. Remember to keep your comments friendly and respectful.

TikTok videos not posting 9
On here you can chat with the TikTok help center agents and share with them your problems and also ask them for ways to solve the problem.

5. Update your TikTok App

A common reason why your TikTok video is not updating is that maybe there has been a recent update of the TikTok app that you are not using.

Simply fix this by updating your TikTok app on the Google Play Store (for android users) or on the Apple App store (for iPhone users). On there, just search for TikTok and hit Update as seen below.

tiktok video not posting on iphone 13
tiktok videos not posting 12

6. Reinstall TikTok

Another alternative solution that helps when it comes to TikTok videos not posting is by deleting the TikTok application and downloading it again.

7. Restart your Device

restarting your phone or tablet and uploading the video again might help solve the problem.. this is because your device might have not started well initially. Yes, this happens sometimes.


We hope all the steps will be of help. Do well to pass by for content concerning social media problems you might be facing.

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