Rytr Pricing – How Much Does Rytr.me Cost in 2023?

Rytr Pricing

Rytr is a new AI writing assistant that has been designed to help copywriters by generating content ideas for them.

It is marketed as a solution for those who want an easier, faster and more efficient way of creating the content they need.

Rytr’s AI writing assistant can generate articles on any given topic within a few seconds. All that is required from you is to input the keywords you want to use for each article into Rytr’s system.

Rytr will then take these topics and keywords and produce in real time helpful content for you.

What is Rytr Pricing in 2022?

There are two pricing plans offered by Rytr.me: the free and the premium plan.

Rytr Free Plan

1. Rytr Free Plan

This plan costs nothing as the name suggests. With this free plan, you every month for free.

There are some limitations, however.

With the free Rytr pricing plan, rytr gives you what they call “credits” for up to 5000 characters.

This means that for every single month, you can use Rytr to generate up to 5,000 characters of content.

Rytr Pricing plans

What’s interesting about the free plan, though, is that you get access to all the features of Rytr’s AI writing assistant from all the languages to the use cases (templates).

For every 30 days, these credits are automatically renewed for you to use.

This plan obviously can only be helpful if you’re just testing out Rytr’s features.

To take full advantage of this writing assistant to write some serious content, you may consider upgrading to their premium pricing plan.

Rytr Premium Plan

2. Rytr Premium Plan

Rytr Premium Plan costs $29 per month. This plan enables you to generate an unlimited number of words of content.

Just like the free plan, you get access to all Rytr’s features to write quality content.

Considering that a 2000-word outsourced article can cost you more than $29, paying this price for an unlimited number of words is obviously well worth the investment.

Alternatives to Rytr have relatively higher pricing plans, making Rytr a choice when it comes to value for money.

Who is Rytr for?

Who is Rytr for?

Rytr is for you if you are a copywriter, blogger, YouTuber or digital marketer.

Rytr’s artificial intelligence tool helps you create written content by generating ideas and suggestions based on your input, words, style, tone, and topic.

It can be used anywhere for any kind of writing project – from email subject lines to blog posts to copywriting.

Rytr Use Cases

Rytr Use Cases (Content Types)

Rytr can be used to compose content of different types. I will highlight some of them:

Blog Outline

This is a useful tool for bloggers. This feature of Rytr enables you to generate ideas for your blog post. It also gives you an outline of sub-headings you can use to write your article.

For instance, I’ve chosen to enter the keyword “Digital Marketing” in the primary keyword section of the Blog Idea & Outline feature.

Rytr Pricing Plans - Features - Rytr Blog Outline tool

Taking a look at the above screenshot, you would see an outline of content about digital marketing from the introduction to the main content.

To expand the content, you would select a heading together with the keywords underneath it and click on the “paragraph” feature in the writing area.

By repeating this process for all the generated headings, you are literally on your way to getting a full blog post in a few minutes.

Blog Section Writing

You would use this feature in most cases to write your articles. Simply enter a topic, add some keywords (optional) and click on “Ryte for me.”

Making use of this feature, I did the following:

  • Selected the “Blog Section Writing” use case.
  • Changed the tone to “Informative.”
  • Entered the topic “List of blogging mistakes to avoid” and left empty the keyword section.
  • Selected two variants.
Rytr Pricing Plans - Features - Rytr Blog Section Writing

From the above, this is the first variant generated:

The following are blog mistakes to avoid:

Focusing on SEO too much

Writing blog posts with the intention of making money only

Regularly checking stats instead of improving content quality

Trying to make every post perfect for the sake of perfectionism (instead, publish posts as you write them)

We can conclude these are satisfying results from Rytr. And of course, we can generate as many variants as we want.

By adding a little fine-tuning, you can write many informative articles with this tool.

Rytr FAQs

Rytr FAQs

Is Rytr AI Free?

Yes, Rytr AI has a free plan and no credit card is required. This plan enables you to write unique content of up to 5,000 characters. This free plan also gives you access to all Rytr’s features including all languages and content templates.

Does Rytr Generate Original Content?

Yes, Rytr generates only original content. When you command it to generate content, it does never repeat the same text. Rytr also has a plagiarism checker tool that you make use of to detect if any content written by the AI exists somewhere else on the internet.

From my experience using this tool, I have detected any plagiarism at all.

Using Rytr’s platform, you can quickly generate content for your business without worrying about writer’s block or generating ideas at scale.

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