How to Install WordPress on Laragon: 3 Easy Steps

How to Install WordPress on Laragon

Discover from this step-by-step procedure how to seamlessly install WordPress on Laragon.

When it comes to installing the WordPress CMS with your website’s database, Laragon makes it a breeze.

This is helpful when you want to first create your WordPress website or a WordPress blog on your local computer and test certain themes and plugins before transferring it to a live server.

Note that for this method, your website can only be accessed on your local computer. If you actually want your website to be accessible to everyone, you can sign up for hosting at Cloudways to get your website online.

Features of Laragon

1. Powerful

Laragon Local Server is such a robust tool for locally hosting your website. It is fast and powerful, providing you with a serene development environment for building modern applications with PHP, Node.js, Python, Java, Go and Ruby among others.

Both Apache and Nginx are completely managed, so you may work with them.

2. Easy to Install and Configure

Installation of Laragon takes place easily and instantly.

When the need arises to change the port number of Apache or MySQL or any other setting, you can do it without editing a configuration file.

You can also change PHP versions with relative ease.

How to install WordPress on laragon - laragon features
Changing port number on Laragon

3. Pretty URLs

With Laragon, you can use URLs that actually look like real domain names while using localhost.

Instead of “localhost/website,” you will now have “website.test.”

You can even change the .test to another domain name extension such as .com, .net and so on.

The only difference is that your website is not on the internet.

4. One-click quick app installations

By simply clicking on “quick app,” you can deploy your favourite applications with one click.

Such applications include WordPress, Drupal, Laravel and Symfony among others.

5. Portable

You may transfer the Laragon folder to other drives and computers without facing any challenges.

How to Install WordPress on Laragon with One Click

The process of how to install WordPress on laragon with a single click is outlined below:

Step 1: Download Laragon software

Go to and click on download at the navigation menu. Download the full version.

How to Install WordPress on Laragon

Step 2: Install Laragon

Simply double-click on the set-up (laragon-wamp.exe) to initiate the installation of the Laragon software.

Select the existing destination folder or browse to choose another folder of your choice.

How to Install WordPress on Laragon 1

Follow the process to complete installation. You may be prompted to restart your computer to make the Laragon server ready.

Step 3: Install WordPress with one click

Launch Laragon to open the control panel.

The features of the Laragon control panel include:

  • Start All: To start using Laragon, click on “Start All” to enable modules such as the Apache server and MySQL database.
  • Web: Click on this when you want to the webpage at localhost.
  • Database: This feature on the Laragon control panel enables you to create a “session” in order to connect a server.
  • Terminal: This is Laragon’s command-line interface. You can use this to complete your tasks if you do not want to use the graphical user interface.
  • Root: This gives you access to the root folder of your Laragon local server.
How to install wordpress on laragon
Laragon control panel

To install WordPress,

  • Click on “Start All.” You should see Apache and MySQL started.
How to install WordPress on laragon 3
  • Right-click on an empty area or click on “menu.”
  • Click on “Quick app” and select “WordPress.”
  • Enter a name for your WordPress website and click on OK. Here, a database would be automatically created and WordPress downloaded and installed.
How to install wordpress on laragon 4
Naming your WordPress website on Laragon

At this point, WordPress is fully installed and your website is ready.

  • To visit your website, click on the “Visit Site” button or enter the generated URL into any web browser.
How to install WordPress on Laragon 5

In the example above, the local website address (URL) is “ben.test.”

Visit your URL to proceed with the WordPress installation.

Select your preferred website language and click on “Continue.”

How to install WordPress on Laragon 6

Enter your Site Title, Username, Password and Email Address to Click on “Install WordPress.”

How to install WordPress on Laragon 7

You should see the success message and the login button underneath it.

How to Install WordPress on Laragon 8

You can now login to your WordPress dashboard using your username or email and your chosen password.

The address to your dashboard is website-address/wp-admin. In this example, the admin login URL is “ben.test/wp-admin.”

Having installed WordPress, you can now proceed to create a local WordPress website with Laragon.

How to Manually Install WordPress on Laragon

If the above process (one-click WordPress installation) does not work for you for any reason, then you have to do it manually. The procedure below outlines how to achieve this:

1. Start Apache and MySQL

Launch Laragon and click on “Start All” to activate Apache Web Server and MySQL database.

How to Install WordPress on Laragon 8

2. Download and Run WordPress

Download the latest version of WordPress from

How to Install WordPress on Laragon - Download wordpress
Download WordPress from

Extract the zip folder. Open the extracted folder and copy the folder named “wordpress.”

Go to your Laragon Control Panel and open the root directory of your website by clicking on “root.”

The folder will be opened with “index.php” file located in the folder. Paste the copied “wordpress” folder there.

Rename it with the name you want to use for your local website. I renamed mine as “ben” and this will be the name of my local website.

How to Install WordPress on Laragon 9

Enter the website address (in this case, “localhost/ben”) into the address bar to proceed with the WordPress setup. You should be redirected to the WordPress Configuration (config) file set up.

Select your preferred language and hit “Continue” to proceed.

Click on “Let’s go!” to move to the next screen.

3. Create a Database

To supply the required database details, we need to create one. To do this, open the Laragon control panel and click on the “Menu” or right-click on an empty space on the Laragon Control Panel.

Hover over “MySQL” and click on “Create database.”

Enter a preferred name for the database and click on “OK.” (Note: The database name does not necessarily have to be the same as the website name.)

How to Install WordPress on Laragon 10

Let’s get back to our WordPress set-up page to enter the database details:

  • Database name: enter the name of the database created in the previous step.
  • Username: root
  • Password: leave blank
  • Database Host: leave the default value “localhost”
  • Table Prefix: leave the default value or enter your preferred prefix
How to Install WordPress on Laragon 11
Provide database details to communicate with WordPress

After clicking on Submit, you should see the success message below. Click on “Run the Installation.”

How to Install WordPress on Laragon 12

Fill the fields displayed with respective details. You would use the Username and Password to login into your WordPress website’s dashboard. Proceed to “Install WordPress.”

How to Install WordPress on Laragon 13

You should see the success message and the login button below it.

Now, log in by entering the username and password provided in the previous step. You would now be taken to your dashboard, which serves as a control panel for your website.

Note: your WordPress dashboard can always be accessed by adding /login to your website URL:

  • yourwebsiteaddress/login : an example is ben.test/login or localhost/ben/login

Your website can be accessed at localhost/websitename; and example is localhost/ben in this tutorial.

Enter this URL to take a look at your website. Congratulations! You just manually installed WordPress on localhost with Laragon.

But how to you actually create a complete WordPress website on Laragon? Let’s dive into it.

How to Create a WordPress Website on Laragon

Here’s an outline of the steps on how to actually create a full WordPress website on Laragon after installing WordPress.

The procedure is actually not different from how it’s done on a live server. To create a local WordPress website on Laragon, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Choose a Professional WordPress Theme

A theme is what would define the appearance of your website. Hence, you would be better off choosing a theme that is eye-catching and looks professional to impress upon your website’s visitors.

Aside from the appearance, there are other features to look out for such as ease of use, SEO friendliness and how fast it loads.

One of my recommendations is the Astra theme by Brainstorm Force.

Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes since it not only looks fantastic but also performs well.

The great thing is that Astra includes hundreds of professionally created templates for nearly every industry, and it interfaces with major drag-and-drop page builders, making it very simple for nontechie users to create a website.

It is also lightweight with an emphasis on speed and efficiency.

How to install WordPress on Laragon - Install Astra Theme
Astra theme’s professional templates

Astra theme has more than 300 free and premium templates you can use for any website project.

However, for a more professional website, you can sign up for any of the premium pricing plans, where you can use these templates on unlimited websites.

Buying a premium plan also gives you much more elegant templates to use.

How to install WordPress on Laragon - Install Astra Theme Pricing
Astra Pro Theme pricing

Step 2: Install WordPress Theme

Having obtained your theme either by buying a premium theme or by downloading a free one, go to your WordPress dashboard.

Hover over “Appearance,” click on “Themes,” and click on “Add New.

Click on “Upload Theme,” and choose your downloaded theme. Install and activate it.

To install the free version of Astra, at the “Add New” theme section of the dashboard, search for “Astra,” install and activate it.

How to install WordPress on Laragon - install Astra theme
Installing the free version of the Astra theme

Step 3: Install Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is the most popular WordPress drag-and-drop page builder to use to create a website without coding.

It has tons of features, giving you unlimited possibilities to create any aspect of a fully functional website.

To install Elementor, go to Plugins from your WordPress dashboard, then click on “Add New.”

Search for Elementor, install and activate it.

How to install WordPress on Laragon - install Elementor
Install Elementor Website Builder

Step 4: Install Starter Templates Plugin

If you bought the pro version of Astra, you can follow this simple guide to activate your license so as to access your premium templates.

To get free templates, you have to install Astra’s Starter Templates free plugin. To do this, install the Starter Templates plugin from the plugins repository from your WordPress dashboard.

To accomplish this, go to Plugins > Add New. Search for “Starter Templates,” install and activate it.

How to install WordPress on Laragon - install Astra Starter Templates
Install and activate Astra’s Starter Templates plugin

Now, your ready-made websites are ready to be imported.

To import a template and build your website, go to “Appearance” and click on “Starter Templates.”

The next screen would ask you to select a page builder. Choose Elementor or any other page you prefer.

Here comes all the free and premium templates you can import for your website.

How to install Wordpress on Laragon import astra starter teamplate
Select a template to import

Browse through the stunning templates and click on the one you prefer. Here, you have two options:

  • to import a complete website
  • to import a single page
How to install WordPress on Laragon - import website

Obviously, importing a complete website will get the job done faster.

Step 5: Edit your Pages with Elementor

Having imported your website, it’s time to modify the pages to suit your requirements.

We would do this using the Elementor Website Builder plugin.

Elementor enables you to simply drag and drop and modify elements that make up a website.

To edit a page, simply locate and click on “Edit with Elementor,” which is displayed at the top of every page once you’re logged in.

How to install WordPress on Laragon - edit page with Elementor
Enabling Elementor page builder

How to Move a WordPress Website from Laragon to a Live Server

After editing your pages as you deem fit, you would want to migrate your website from localhost to a live server.

To move your website from Laragon to a live server, follow the steps below:

1. Install All in One WP Migration Plugin

This is a free plugin that enables you to export your entire WordPress website including the database and import it on another WordPress website.

Install the plugin: from your WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New.

Search for “All in One WP Migration.” Install and activate it.

How to install WordPress on Laragon - migrate website from local to live server
Install WordPress Site Migration tool: All in one WP Migration

2. Export the Full Website

Upon activation, go to All in One WP Migration > Export.

Next, click on “EXPORT TO” and select “file.”

How to install WordPress on Laragon - export website
Exporting full WordPress site

Wait for your website’s files to be ready for download, as seen in the image below. Then download the file.

How to install WordPress on Laragon - download exported website

3. Sign up for Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways is a reliable web hosting service that provides excellent value for money. You get a 3-day free trial when you sign up.

Cloudways Free Trial

Select a package and provide your information to finalize the purchase of a hosting package.

From here, you can create a password, login to the Cloudways platform and install WordPress.

This article on Cloudways free trial provides in-depth information on how to use the Cloudways platform after signing up.

4. Import Website

To import the downloaded website, simply follow the same procedure used above to install and activate the “All in One WP Migration” plugin.

Once again, from the WordPress dashboard, go to All in One WP Migration > Import.

You can now add the .wpress website backup file by dragging and dropping it or importing it from file.

How to install WordPress on Laragon - import website
Importing downloaded .wpress website file

At this point, the importation process will instantly start.

How to install WordPress on Laragon - import website progress

Finally, click on “PROCEED” to complete the process.

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