ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal 2023 (27% Off Unlimited Plan)

ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal

In this post, we’ll go over how you can grab the ClosersCopy lifetime deal to write quality posts and sales letters.

Writing can be a difficult task, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. You may need to do some research, brainstorm, and plan. But you can still achieve your goal if you are using the right tools.

If you’re facing writer’s block, or are simply tired of writing the same content over and over again, there’s an AI-powered solution that can help you out.

One such effective AI writing assistant is ClosersCopy.

What is ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal?

ClosersCopy has a lifetime deal that is soon ending. For now, here’s a breakdown of the Closercopy lifetime deal:

Currently, the lifetime deal has two plans:

Professional Lifetime Plan

  • This goes for $217: a one-time payment.
  • There’s no additional monthly payment.
  • 120,000 words per month

Unlimited Lifetime Plan

  • For a one-time payment, this plan costs $347.
  • Add 3 additional team members
  • Get all future upgrades
  • Unlimited words per month
  • No monthly fees, no upsells
ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal

Benefits of ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal

ClosersCopy lifetime deal is available for a limited time!

This lifetime pricing plan is a great way to save money and get the most out of your ClosersCopy account.

This lifetime pricing plan will give you full access to all the features of this powerful AI writing assistant, for the entire lifetime of your subscription.

ClosersCopy has said they can’t guarantee that this promotion will last forever, so don’t wait too long to save! Grab the lifetime pricing plan while it lasts.

There’s currently a 27% discount when you buy one today!

Click here now and claim your discount!

For any of the above lifetime plans, here are the benefits you gain:

  • You have a full-fledged text editor: formatting, inserting images, tables, links, emojis, outlines.
  • Choose between 3 different AI models: Sales AI to write sales copies, Blog AI for writing blog posts, and Story AI to write stories.
  • You have access to over 300 frameworks shared by other ClosersCopy users. These are available in the community libraries of the dashboard.
  • Access over 30 workflows shared by others via community libraries.
  • You can feed the AI with your own sample data, save it as a reusable framework and use it multiple times
  • You can research currently ranking websites, get insights and use them as a basis to write your own unique ads/blogs
  • Write in more than 120 languages
  • You can build your own workflows
  • No writing limits when you purchase the unlimited plan
  • There are no upsells for the unlimited plan; enjoy future upgrades for free
ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal

ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal – Features

Here are just a few features of ClosersCopy.

Fully-Functional Text Editor

ClosersCopy has an inbuilt fully-fledged text editor with almost all features you can think of.

  • Tons of editing and formatting tools: change fonts, and headers, add lists, and images, insert links, quotes, etc.
  • Save your work and later continue.
  • Organize your documents into folders for easy access.
  • Export your document as a DOCX or a PDF file.
  • Dark mode is available.


Use this feature to lengthen any piece of content.

Simply type a word, phrase or paragraph of text, select the text you want to expand, and command ClosersCopy to expand it.

Let’s give it a try:

Let’s enter a keyword such as “Cryptocurrency”.
ClosersCopy Lifetime deal - expand feature

After commanding ClosersCopy to expand the word “Cryptocurrency” for me, here’s the result:

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you’ve heard of cryptocurrency before.

You might be aware that it is a digital form of money that is decentralized and operates on its own without the need for a central bank or government to control it.

The underlying blockchain technology makes cryptocurrency more secure than traditional forms of payment, as well as allowing it to be transferred directly between users without the involvement of financial institutions.

That’s not the end. You can further select the generated content and expand it again as long as you don’t select beyond 2000 characters.

By using this feature for the third time, ClosersCopy has generated 481 words. All of this started by simply entering a single word.

ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal - Expand feature
ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal – Expand feature

Translate Content into 120+ Languages

There are currently over 120 languages available in ClosersCopy.

There’s also a translation feature available, that enables you to render content in other languages.

ClosesCopy Lifetime deal - translate

Other features in the text editor include:

  • Improve
  • Rewrite
  • Summarize

Use “Longform” to Automatically Write Unlimited Content

As seen earlier pertaining to the “expand” feature, it expands up to a maximum of 2000 characters of content.

The “Longform” feature, on the other hand, can be used to expand any piece of content irrespective of the number of characters or words.

To start using this feature, there must be at least a heading and one paragraph in the text editor for it to work on.

Let’s go back to our article on cryptocurrency.

Now, let’s use the “Longform” to expand it further.

ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal Long form feature

By using the Longform feature, ClosersCopy further expanded the text to 806 words – about two times the original number of words.

Compete – Get Content from all Ranking Websites

This feature allows you to input a keyword and displays up to the first 20 ranking websites on Google SERP.

With one click, you can import all the content into your ClosersCopy editor.

But wait…

Isn’t that plagiarism?

Well, you’re not going to copy everything and publish it on your website.

Instead, by getting all the headings and paragraphs of all those pages, you can get an insight into what to write about.

Closerscopy Lifetime Deal

Over 300 Frameworks and Workflows

These frameworks and workflows allow you to compose almost any type of content.

The good news is that users of ClosersCopy are adding new frameworks to the “community library” with each day passing.
ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal community Frameworks
ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal – New frameworks are constantly rolling out

Simply browse the community library and add them. Then they’re ready to be used.

You can also create your own framework and workflow.

That said, let’s take a closer look at some of the already existing frameworks and workflows:

1. Blog Intro by Carol

This framework provides a brief blog post introduction, about 80 to 250 words depending on the topic.

Let’s see how it works:

I’m using the topic “Traits of an entrepreneur.”

After commanding to “Write for me” using this framework, it generated 6 different introductions.

Here’s one of them:

If you are an entrepreneur, chances are you have had to learn to quickly assess a situation and determine the best course of action.

Whether it’s figuring out what to sell, how to price your goods or services, or how to allocate your resources, effective entrepreneurs are always thinking on their feet.

In this article, I’ll share with you the traits of an effective entrepreneur.

By understanding these traits, you will be better equipped to deal with the unexpected challenges all entrepreneurs face.

And, by developing and nurturing these traits in yourself and your team, you’ll be well on your way to building a successful business.

Longer Blog Introduction
ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal Longer Blog post introduction
ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal – Longer Blog post introduction

There’s a shorter version, which composes about 50 to 70 words depending on the topic.

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle for most people. It is a way of life, a calling, a passion.

In the same way that there are different professions, there are different types of entrepreneurs. Some are risk takers, some are risk avoiders, some are high-achievers, and some are low-achievers.

Here are the traits that define an entrepreneur.

Shorter Blog Introduction
ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal - Blog Intro
There are currently over 10 blog introduction frameworks in ClosersCopy.

I’ve covered how to use some other ones in my ClosersCopy review.

  • For instance, if you are writing a review of many products or services, you can make use of the “Review Round-up” blog post introduction framework.
  • To write a post introduction that states the problem, provides a brief solution and a summary, there’s a framework just for that.
  • There’s a framework for writing informative articles, and so on.

2. The AIDA Copywriting Model

ClosersCopy currently has about 4 frameworks for writing sales copy using the AIDA copywriting framework.

Let’s test out one of them:

With this framework, you’re required to enter a brief description of a product or a service.

Then, ClosersCopy will generate a sales copy based on the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) model.

In the description, I’ll enter a random product like “Canva is an online graphic design tool.”

This framework generated 5 different compelling sales pitches about an online graphic design tool.

Here’s one of the outputs:

Attention:  Do you need to create some eye-catching sales copy or beautiful graphics for your website?

If so, then Canva is an online graphic design tool you need to know about.

Canva lets you create brilliant graphics and designs using simple tools and by simply dragging and dropping.

You don’t need any artistic talent whatsoever.

Interest: Canva makes it easy for anyone to create great looking graphics and designs. Drag and drop.

It’s as simple as that. You’ll find yourself creating amazing graphics and designs faster than you can say, “Oh, look at that clever little dot. It’s a cute little circle.”

Desire: Do you ever wish there was a graphics tool that made it easy for you to create a brilliant graphics and designs without having to be a designer?

Well, there is! Canva is just what you need. Get started with Canva right now!

Action: Click here now and get yourself a free trial (no credit card required) of this amazing graphics and design tool!

ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal - AIDA

What do you think about the generated results?

It is evident that they fully describe Canva as we know it to be!

3. PAS Copywriting Framework

This framework enables you to write ads and sales letters based on the PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solve) copywriting formula.

Let’s put it to use to see how effective it can be.

To use this framework, I entered “Digital Inc. is a social media marketing agency that runs social media marketing campaigns for clients.”

Check out this output:

Social media marketing campaigns are a time consuming endeavor.

There is a lot of work involved and the results aren’t always what you want them to be.

We love social media because it is an effective way to connect with people, but it can also be time consuming and expensive.

We are looking for social media experts who can work with us to create effective social media marketing strategies for our clients.

Our social media experts are the best in the business. We have helped hundreds of businesses reach more customers on social media, and we want to help you too.

ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal - PAS

4. One Click Blog Framework

Want to generate a full article by simply entering a title and commanding the AI to write for you?

This is s perfect framework to handle that. It can automatically and within a few seconds write up to 800 words of content on a given topic.

Let’s see how this framework works:

The topic chosen is “Best Computer Programming Books.”

ClosersCopy generated 684 words for this topic and wrote about the 10 best programming books of all time.

I scrupulously looked up each of the books mentioned in the generated article to ascertain their existence and the names of the authors.

I found each of them to be true.

What I couldn’t fact-check, however, is the number of copies sold.

closerscopy lifetime deal - one click blog post

5. Step-by-Step Guide

This framework is effective for writing how-to guides and tutorials.

Simply enter a process and command ClosersCopy to start writing.

In this instance, I will command ClosersCopy to write a step-by-step guide on how to “start a backyard garden.”

Upon using this framework, Closerscopy generated 5 outputs for the topic.

My observation about the generated results is that they are relatively short.

The articles range from 120 to 200 words only.

Here’s an excerpt of one of the results on how to “start a backyard garden:”

Make a plan. First, choose the plants that you like. It can be a tropical plant or a more common one.

If you’re a beginner, start with tropical plants because they grow fast and are easy to care for.

Choose a spot that you’re happy with. This can be in a corner, by the window, near a fountain, or anywhere else.

2. Start to prepare the soil. Mix some compost with water and place it in your garden.

3. Plant the seeds. Place the seeds of the plants in a small tray or bowl. If you want, you can also place them in a little paper cup.

Don’t forget to put a seedling label in the tray. 

4. Water the plants. Water your plants once a week for three days and check if the roots are growing. If they’re not growing, they need more light.

The above output is made up of only 145 words.

Hence, to get a more detailed article on the subject, I resorted to the use of the “Longform” feature of Closerscopy.

Amazingly, the “Longform” feature perfectly continued the article in the same context, expanding it to 530 words.

ClosersCopy Lifettime Deal - step-by-step framework

6. Website “About Us” Page Generators

If you have ever struggled to get the right words for the “about us” page of your website or that of your clients, then you would love these frameworks.

There are currently two frameworks that generate content for the about us page:

  • About Us Page Generator and
  • About Us (Paragraph)

They were both created by Closerscopy users and made available at the community library.

They perform basically the same function.

Let’s dive into how to use one of them and discover its effectiveness.

I’m using the about us page generator by Alex. Here, we are required to enter the name of the company and the type of business.

Let’s enter anything such as “Iconic Technologies” for the business name and “Software development” for the type of business.

Obviously, we are expecting this framework to generate some cool and unique descriptions of a typical software development agency.

As usual, you can take a look below at one of the many different results generated:

We’re here to make it easier for businesses to compete in the digital era. We develop a software that connects brands and customers to maximize revenue and efficiency.

We are a team of experts, who have over a decade of experience in developing software and have worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies.

We are located at the heart of the tech community. Our clients range from small business to large corporations, and we’re ready to work with any size business.

Our product is a unique software platform that allows us to deliver better customer service and increase the efficiency of your brand. We don’t sell our services, we sell results.

If you want to make sure your brand is online, and ready to compete in the digital era, then come and talk to us.

ClosersCopy lifetime deal - about us page generator

Without a shadow of a doubt, both descriptions above (including the one in the screenshot) are near-perfect descriptions of companies that provide software development and related services.

That said, this framework and all those covered in this post can be used in almost every niche.

7. YouTube Video Description

This framework would be helpful for writing a quick description for your YouTube videos.

It seeks to provide about 50 to 200 words description of a video based on a topic.

In some instances, it adds a call to action by inviting the viewer to comment, like the video or subscribe to the channel.

I’m using the default example provided: “Awesome recycling ideas for your home.”

The results?

The framework generated about video descriptions on the topic:

Recycling is a great way to save energy and reduce your environmental impact. Recycling makes sense, and it’s free.

In this video, we’ll show you some of the coolest ways to make your home more sustainable! We’ve got a lot of tips for you! Let’s get started!

Start watching this video right away to find out how to reuse, repurpose and recycle some common items in your home.

For example, what can you do with an old sofa? Can you make new furniture out of used cardboard boxes?

What other items can you reuse and recycle in your home? Are there any cool tips on using recycled materials?

Do you have other ideas for us? Let us know in the comments below!

ClosersCopy lifetime deal - youtube video description framework

Other frameworks available for YouTube include:

  • Hook: for YouTube video script that will get viewers drawn into a video.
  • Opening: generally for writing introductions for YouTube videos
  • Ideas: generates YouTube video ideas based on a given niche
  • Channel description: effective for writing YouTube channel descriptions

8. Top 10

You can use this framework to write almost any list article.


  • Top 10 {products} …
  • 10 {ideas} …
  • steps involved in …

Let’s use one example.

For instance, let’s try “10 Misconceptions about blogging.”

This framework has generated about 700 words on the topic. Check out this excerpt:

Here we have listed 10 common misconceptions about blogging.

#1: Blogging is dead. The truth: Blogging isn’t dead, and it’s not going anywhere. This year, the number of blogs has continued to rise.

According to an article published by the Pew Research Center, approximately 20% of American adults read blogs, and that number is only increasing.

#2: Blogging is easy. The truth: Writing a blog is like writing a book. It requires time, discipline, and focus.

Anyone can start a blog, but it takes years of hard work to build a good following. You’ll have to practise posting at least once every two days, and make sure you have time to respond to comments.

The biggest misconception about blogging is that it’s free, which is not true at all. A successful blogger will have to invest money and time into maintaining a website.

ClosersCopy Lifetime deal - frameworks - top 10

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